Udder care

Dip Cup Standard

• Capacity: Reservoir approx. 300 ml, attachment approx. 30 ml • splash guard with outflow into an overflow chamber prevents spilling and wastage of the dip • also suitable for viscous dips tha..

Disposable Teat Dilators

• plastic • 10 pieces per box • teat dilators keep open the teat canal • in case of injuries of the teat or teat tip or after teat canal surgery ..

Dip Cup Non-Return

A backstop in the interior of the attachment prevent used dip running back into the reservoir – hygienic, practical, safe! The dip is discarded after use and the dip cup can be refilled with new dip by pre..

Dip Cup Foam

• quick, uniform foaming via just compression • easy to disassemble for cleaning • soft plastic bottle for low-fatigue working even for a large animal population • cup capacity 300 ml ..